Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Olympic Peninsula, Wa

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letterboxing and relaxing at Riverscene Park

So I wanted to take a drive out to Granite Falls on this gorgeous sunny day, so I did :) I planted a new letterbox (clues will be posted to Atlasquest today or tomorrow) at a tiny, but beautiful little park called Riverscene Park. I stayed there for over an hour just looking at the river and enjoying nature. I also plan to make a little slideshow of the pics I took there :) I finally was able to gather some nice little pieces of driftwood from there too. I've been needing driftwood for my art projects for some time now and I finally found a place where it is apparantly legal to take some! :D Woo-hoo! I felt kinda weird taking driftwood from the little beach, but finally while I was there, some other people also started collecting cool rocks, so I felt a little less out of place :) It's been a really nice day so far! :)

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