Olympic Peninsula, Wa

Olympic Peninsula, Wa

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pool news

Well, today we got up and looked at the pool. It looks a bit better. Not quite the miracle I was praying for, but it does look better. There's tons of clusters of little bubbles on the pool so I asked Aqua Quip what that meant and the guy said that it's "bio foam" which the algae produces as it dies! Yay! :D I like the idea of the algae finally dying! Anywhoo, he said that it should go from whitish green (that's where it is now) to whitish grey, to whitish blue by tomorrow morning. If it doesn't look right by the morning then I'll need to go get some more chemicals. Oh, I hope it looks whitish blue by tomorrow!
At some point I'll post pics of the color transition the pools has made :)

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