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Olympic Peninsula, Wa

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Die, algae, die!

So the other day we put in 2 bottles of granulated chlorine (it's some of the strongest chlorine they make) and 2 bottles of algaecide. A few hours after we put them in the pool water turned cloudy blue! That's the color we were hoping for! Woo-hoo!!!!!! Finally! :) Today me and Paul took another water sample to Aqua Quip who confirmed that the algae is gone! On Thursday We take the cartriges out of the filter and put more PowerFloc in to help sink all the teeny tiny particles of dead algae to the bottom so we can vacuum again next Saturday. We also have to put some chemicals in to raise the Ph levels to make the PowerFloc more effective. Now, when I mentioned that the algae particles were teeny tiny, I meant it. The guy at Aqua Quip said they are about 3 microns in diameter. Microns! As in Micro! The filter cartriges will collect anything that is over 20-25 microns in size and the algae is only about 3 microns, so we'll also need to add a "filter aid" to make our filter able to collect such small particles. Then we can start balancing out the water chemistry. All-in-all though, everything is progressing very well. Hopefully by next weekend we'll have clear water! I'm super stoked about that possibility! We're finally really getting close to having a clean pool! I'm not going to post any pics of the water color transformation until the pool is clean, so everyone can get the full effect :)
     In other household news, Hank's parents are here today, visiting from Costa Rica. They are really nice, and they love the house :) Jeremy came over too and is staying the night tonite. I was really hoping Melody would be able to come with Jeremy, but sadly, she is very sick right now. I hope she gets better soon! Until later everyone :)

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